When you travel, there's a few expectations you have about your luggage:

  • It better fit everything you need.
  • It better not be super heavy.
  • And it better not break.

But how will you know that your suitcase checks all the boxes? Here's how:

  • Check the product tags

You'd be surprised how often people disregard the tag. The product tag will have the dimensions, as well as the empty suitcase weight. Having a bag that weighs 10 lbs, or is just a few inches too big for carry-on, it's going to be hard to stick to airline restrictions. Have you ever paid for an overweight bag? It's pretty gross.

  • Look at the wheels

Wheels seem to want to run away, so a good check of the wheels can tell you the expected health of the suitcase. Run the suitcase across the floor a few times to see if it catches on anything, or if a wheel has a hard time turning—as long as it doesn't have a wheel break off. If the wheels give you trouble in the store, you can expect it won't get better over time.

Some luggage even comes with detachable wheels, such as the Chariot Cinco 20" Carry-On making it easier to replace a wheel if something ever happens.

  • Look at the outside material

There's two different types of suitcases: Soft-cover, and hard-cover. Each has their perks, and each has their negative—it's a preference choice honestly. When working with a soft-cover, ballistic nylon is your best friend. Mostly scratch and tear-proof, you won't see it break down anytime soon.

When working with a hard-cover, you can choose between metal, or plastic. Metal is great at insuring that nothing is going to jostled around, but be wary of the weight that comes with metal. Plastic is also good at making sure that nothing gets through, but it does have a breaking threshold—especially in the cold.

  • Feel the zipper

Having a high quality zipper is key to having a healthy suitcase. If the zipper is missing teeth, or isn't sitting straight on the bag, steer clear. Alternatively, some luggage have a clasp instead, so checking to make sure the seal is airtight will make sure no spillage is an option.

Added bonus if it has a TSA lock, such as the Chariot 2-Piece Gatsby 20" Luggage & Beauty Case Set. Make sure to check that the lock works, otherwise it's just a useless lock sitting on your bag.


Overall, these are just a few of the things to look out for when you're planning out your suitcase. Of course, each person is going to have different needs beyond this, but at the very least you'll know that none of your suitcases are going to fall apart after one trip. Everything on Luggage Hunt will never break early, so you can have faith it'll be there for you.