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Luggage Hunt started in a small office in Ontario, California with nothing but the shirts on our backs and a goal to achieve. Our company has always been a labor of love, working around the clock 24/7, putting everything we had into our dream of creating the best luggage website around. Today we're still a small company, but our dedication to providing the best deals hasn't changed.

We're travelers just like you, and we wanted to have accessible luggage that wouldn't break after one use. We're individualist, who wanted to express ourselves not with just our outfits, but with our whole look. And most importantly, we're deal hunters, who want to have everything, but without the price tag.

At Luggage Hunt, we believe there is a luggage out there for everyone. Whether you're bold and loud, or quiet and reserved, affordable priced luggage is out there for you.


Why should you have to go searching through hundreds of websites when it should just be simple as a click-and-buy? That's where we come in. Our team works non-stop to bring you the lowest prices on the highest quality luggage around so you don't have to. And if you do find a lower price, we will price match! Just take a screenshot of our competitors price, send it to, and we'll make sure you get the luggage at the price you deserve.

Traveling can be stressful enough as it is, why should buying luggage be too?

Luggage Hunt